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OOC anon meme

Okay, well! I sometimes worry that I'm not getting across some of the things Mello's thinking or feeling, because, in an attempt at Death Note genre style, Mello hides 90% of what he, well, thinks and feels, and pretends at something else instead. Sometimes I wonder if I'm failing with that, so -- Does it come through? How's my driving with Mello?

Anonymous or logged in, whatever you're comfortable with, go for it.
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Right, so. I've decided that what I REALLY NEED is a complete guide to all the Death Note interactions in camp so far. CLEARLY, when overloaded with schoolwork, this is what I need to be doing in my spare time! Because I'm dumb!

It'll probalby take me a LONG time to work through the backlog. In the meantime, all of may is complete. Check back on this post for updates. :D

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Sex, lies, and rock and roll?

Awwright. |D It occurred to me I could take my next couplea hous and play video games OR... explain where I'm getting the Mello/Near thing from for fun and profit and HEY FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YA AGREE OR DISAGREE. XD XD

See, when I first apped? I didn't much like the thought of slash in GENERAL in DN. It just seemed so... intellectual and sterile, if that makes sense (And I think it does!) And I wasn't the only one; literal quote from conversation with Near's player here (I'm Haru, she's Harle):

Haru:The best part, somehow, is how we converted ourselves. XD
Harle: I KNOW. XD We came into this going " Just... no." And ended up going 'omg yes'. What happened, yo? XDD I mean, I even was extra-glad you were apping Mello 'cause I knew you weren't into Mello/Near and I wouldn't have to deal with a Mello who wanted to OTP our characters... XDDD Maaan. How things can change.
Haru: I know! I was thinking just -- no, really. No. That there's rivalry. It's fear and disgust. It's not -- only then RPing them and we were, in fact, *RPING* that and it's not like we even changed their behaviour at first -- no, we changed our PERCEPTIONS without ever MEANING to. A bit at time. Until retarded flirting happened. XD XD
Harle: Indeed. XD And oh, the retarded flirting. XD Replied. <3

And where did we change these perceptions from? Well ... see, we apped them pre!timeskip, when they were both, honestly, really young, but all our canon influences are later (We see them pretimeskip for a chapter and a half, while we've seen them post timeskip for nearly 25 chapters, and there's a four year difference there). So we've been, as I've mentioned elsewhere, trying to 'work them towards' the behaviour we see in the canon.

And, well, new chapters come out every week -- that means from the time I joined (mid-June), there's been about sixteen new chapters. And, heh, that gives a lot of time for motivations and so on to continue coming out. We were mostly on track with them (I was pleased, for example, that we were both right that they adore L as an ideal -- Near says as much in chapter 82!), so I think we've had a good grasp on characterization from the beginning (feel free to agree, anon or not, heh), but more is being... obvious. And that includes in Near and Mello's relationships to each other.

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