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Right, so. I've decided that what I REALLY NEED is a complete guide to all the Death Note interactions in camp so far. CLEARLY, when overloaded with schoolwork, this is what I need to be doing in my spare time! Because I'm dumb!

It'll probalby take me a LONG time to work through the backlog. In the meantime, all of may is complete. Check back on this post for updates. :D


L attempts to figure out how to keep track of Raito while in another cabin. In comments, Raito warns people off L, and L and Sasuke have a gay moment.

Raito moans about how he's been taken away from an extremely important case. In comments, Raito steals Shinn's cellphone, Misa (1) offers to let Raito have her mattress, L attempts to snub Misa and Raito, and Raito arranges for Misa to try to steal L's mattress.

Misa 1 has a freakout about L accusing Raito. In the comments, Utena molests Misa. Raito feels very hurt by L's accusation for reelz. And L offers to molest Raito.


Misa 1 has a freakout about getting kissed by Utena. No other Dn activity in comments.

Comments to Sakura's post; L comments on his inability to climb trees.

Comments to Satoshi's post; Raito gets drunk and accuses L of taking advantage of him.

Raito concludes he must eliminate all the zombies. In comments, L notes his tendency towards genocide, Harle sings a song, Shinn doesn't get ahold of Raito's little black book, and Yagyuu bargains for Raito to give L's mattress back.

Comments in Utena's post; Utena knocks out drunk!Raito.

L moves Raito to Artemis Fowl's bed. In the comments, he and Artemis go through Raito's pockets.

Utena fiats kidnapping Misa (1) for rape; this is later retconned.

Raito wishes to never speak of his drunkenness again

Raito demands his gun back from Yaguu with many threats.

Raito and Ed(1) do recon for the zombie factory


L finds out about the sugar banning

First fuckucamp post urging to solve the murder. Director answers some questions in the comments.

L loans Nagi handcuffs


L points out the Dirctor's self-contradictions in wanting the murder case solved.


The Director gives a photographic clue and some information about the fiance

updated cabin list (haven't seen first cabin list!)


Raito, mandatory nude day, and the zombie shaman.

L recovers from being tied to a tree for a few days; zombie gave him a scalp scrap (blond)


After being chased around for three days L proposes a truce with Raito. Also, this is where L got the finger wound that caused emo later! In the comments, Raito gets clothing and L adopts the paper slicer blade 'Masako-chan'..

Raito and L engage in comment wars over who 'owns' Masako-chan.

A debate between Wolfram, L, and Raito ensues as to whether Masako-chan hates humans or just Raito.

Impulse assesses the campers based on usernames, including L and Raito.


Raito again tries to trade Masako away to Wolfram.


Raito and L, during the flood, chained together, up a tree.
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