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Monthly relationships updates!

...okay, so, one detail. 'Doesn't register' will appear a lot. Mello is... Mello's a very interesting character for me to roleplay because there are people he can regularly have lengthy conversations with and yet who just 'don't register' to him. What that means, to me, is that he has a definite opinion on them, can carry on conversations, but ultimately just doesn't actually care about them. (This is because Mello is a fucknut and if they're not a threat to him on some level -- either physically or emotionally making him vulnerable and rarely does he mind the physical -- he really doesn't care, overall.) He'll talk to them quite affectionatelly but the moment he's not talking about them they sort of cease to exist in his mental/emotional universe for a while. If Mello seems to randomly drop a conversation in the middle with you, you probably don't register to him. Honestly, this is probably the best for you. XD


Wednesday - They've only talked briefly. He was impressed by her knowledge of Dante's Inferno and is pleased there are other educated campers around, but doesn't particularly desire to go out of his way to maintain communications with her.

Anne - Doesn't register. Thinks she's probably very nice and rules-abiding and victorian. Is amused by hearing she's got some kind of friendship with Cal. Had one interesting religious conversation with her once, and if he's got any interest in her, it's in the chance to talk religion -- even if she's a proper Protestant and he's a very improper Catholic. (Especially given the time period she's from. But hey, at least he's not a Jesuit!)

Alice - He talked to her and to the Cheshire cat once. Finds the situation interesting, but he keeps being overtaken with the urge to quote Carroll and thinks that would be quite impolite, so has held off long dialogue with her.

Tatsuki - Doesn't register, but probably would if they talked more. She checked to see if his underwear was among the stolen group. NIce girl, sensible.

Chizuru - Heh. Chizuru's an interesting person to Mello because she's the type of person who normally wouldn't register, but because she's important to Chisame, Mello has forced himself to register her. Thinks she's fun to chat with but ultimately no challenge/threat, though more and more they're getting like annoying high school boys regarding Chisame -- "Ha ha she's totally looking at me" "Ha ha you wish, you fag!" -- and are more amused by it. He's realized that on some level, Chizuru really DOES consider him a threat to her relationship with Chisame -- though not a major one, they both know he DOES have the power to break them up if he wanted to -- and he's been teasing her. Rather in an unkind vein, but he's a bully by nature, after all; he MEANS the flirting and pornography and threats to shoot her in a teasing, boyish way, at least! And intentions count for SOMETHING!

Ishida - Oh boy, where to begin. Mello started out not liking Ishida, and then found him an interesting challenge who, frankly, reminds him of a less-psychotic, more-prideful Near. Considers himself superior to Ishida and doesn't give a flying fuck that Ishida considers HIMself superior to MELLO. But finds Ishida interesting, nonetheless. Despite himself, is sort of enjoying covering up Near's murder of Ishida, because it's a challenge. Even when they switched personalities and were fighting, Mello genuinely liked Ishida, but Ishida's pride refused to let Mello back down from the insults Ishida had made. Even though Near murdering Ishida was something Mello found hilarious and sexy at once, he still continued to like Ishida, which is what he commented was 'funny' about the situation -- because even he can acknowledge that there's something fucked up and wrong about liking someone but still being titillated by their murder. Wants to spend more time with Ishida, to figure him out and poke at his buttons. Unfortunately for that plan, for weeks, they've barely talked. Mello's sort of withdrawn from him a bit since Ishida's father showed up and Ishida was particularly unresponsive to his attempts to poke-poke him to offer 'help'.

Hanatarou - Hasn't met.

Bob - Mostly doesn't register, but Bob backed down the one time they interacted, which means Mello essentially thinks of him as prey. Heh. Mello was horribly amused by the 'tarot reading' he gave.

Buffy - Doesn't register. He's pretty sure she has an interesting and possibly useful story but can't really bring himself to care. Will be polite when they interact, though. Finds a lot of her pithy statements remarkably useful. Shooting someone in the face? Uhh... yeah, okay!

Nokoru - Hasn't met.

Alex - They've interacted once or twice, usually when Alex was doing something illegal. This is another case where Mello's holding back on commenting too much, just because he's read A Clockwork Orange. He finds Alex's postspamming a little annoying, but if he were being entirely honest with himself, he'd have to admit it was a hypocritical standpoint.

Bart Allen - Village idiot. Registers only because of a vague sense of 'oh lord wtf stupid thing is he going to say now'. That said, Mello has grown to think of Impulse as a bit of a SWEET villiage idiot, sort of Makie-style.

Starfire - Doesn't like her much. Even if she was under a spell, he did try to help her out and feels like her telling the whole world that he thought Riddle was 'evil' -- when he'd said no such thing and had just expressed concern over Riddle doing that to her -- was a good reason to avoid her or undercut her if they have to meet.

Kon-El - Doesn't register. They've talked, but Mello considers him officially harmless. Has no idea what to think about the baby, so prefers not to think about it.

George - Hasn't met.

L - Man. How to explain this briefly? L means the world to Mello. Mello has spent his entire life (I'm playing a Mello who was adopted into the orphanage VERY VERY young) studying L's cases, and aiming to take over L's 'identity'. (L, by his very nature, has not previously HAD an 'identity' to Mello, just a series of quirks, and patterns, and brilliant thinking.) Since getting to know him more personally, Mello's come to realize that L is human. Moreover, Mello's come to realize that on some levels (mostly emotional), Mello can 'play' (ie, manipulate/out-maneuver) L, or could before he died at any rate. Mello was sort of smug about this, and sort of sad about this, and extremely confident as a result, and felt he was moving more towards 'first place' in his own mind. But then L died and Mello's been thrust into L's position at a time when ... well, frankly, Mello would probably turn it down if L were alive and asked him if he thought he was ready. Mello KNOWS he has more to learn, and he's extremely stressed and unhappy with being L, and he misses L for all that he discovered L was a retard with emotions, because he did, actually, love the L he was getting to meet. It wasn't a pure love, or a true love, but it was as close to love as Mello's capable of coming. He was disappointed with what he'd seen of SHinigamiL so far; it wasn't 'L' as he knew him, and dealing with him felt like the usual manipulative work, shinigami or not. Since L came back, and the incident where Mello got kidnapped/etc, Mello's feeling very, very ignored by L. He knows L's busy with his own things and doesn't want to interfere with that, but he's desperately craving attention from L. He thinks he may have gotten to a point where he can free himself from this thing that's led to him hating himself for so long (the competition to be L) but if L starts talking with him regularly again, Mello's resistance will crumble and he'll remember exactly why he wanted this. He's resolved to give L the benefit of the doubt -- personally. But L hurt Mello extremely deeply when he'd first said that he'd picked Near as successor before Mello came and then hurt worse when L said "situations change". While he knows that the title is L's to throw around as lightly or as heavily as he likes, Mello doesn't like having the only life goal he and Near have ever had being thrown around like it doesn't matter. Since then, there has been a promise to give L the benefit of the doubt, and Mello is moving back to a position of blind faith in L, if not blind worship, just because of the lack of communication between him. He's a little sad about it, but it's the best way he can accept how absent L is, now that they're in this close situation.

Near - Mello did start out genuinely hating Near ... and to some extent, that's not entirely gone. But the hate came from, well, years and years of feeling overlooked and underestimated and mocked. If he just disliked Near, he'd have avoided him. As things are, what he really wanted was to be noticed, and wanted ,and respected -- it was more resentment/jealousy than 'hate'. And, well, since being forced to work with Near in camp, he GOT that, and he found all the areas where Near was weak, and, well, tries to cover for them. The Near who has acknowledged his abilities and skills and, um, physical sensuality IS someone Mello loves with a passionate obsession, because it's a Near who's given him what he's desperately craved all those years and, moreover, did so in a way that made Near ... not dependant on Mello but willingly vulnerable to him. Near's shown his throat and Mello can relax and enjoy it, to some extent. Moreover, he (almost) feels that Near views him as an equal now, which means he can work on feeling like an equal himself. That they've taken their rivalry/competition/acknowledgement over into a sexual edge isn't surprising considering the closed quarters, puberty, etc. (And Mello sneakily suspects there might have been something in the water as well, but that's his personal theory. XD) He's happy with it, and although he doesn't think Near is ...attractive, Near has a brilliant mind and that turns Mello on like nothing else except maybe a gun. Also, the shooting and the killing people thing, Mello likes that about him. XD He's finding out Near's a lot more like himself than he'd previously known, and he likes that too. That said, the 'hate' isn't entirely gone -- if and when Near mocks him (especially in that ever-so-patient-way) Mello gets angry and snappish and hateful, because their old patterns of behaviour really aren't that old. He still thinks Near deserves to be L and he doesn't, but he's almost embarrassignly grateful that Near thinks he's useful. Or thought, at any rate. The way Near's treating him now that he's 'exposed' himself to Misa is making him feel strange -- touched, yet uncomfortable, yet pleased, yet guilty -- because he knows he 'doesn't deserve' to be L, but Near's treating him with a sort of gentle resignation and helpfulness and Mello appreciates it but doesn't know how to appreciate it properly. What it all comes down to is that, love or hate, aggression or desire, Mello considers Near his. Near is HIS to love and fuck and want if he wants to, and Near is HIS to hate and fight and fuck over and strive against. He feels incredibly sorry for Raito that L died at someone else's hands (though he'd rather L hadn't died at all) because L and Raito had that sort of relationshp, and he doesn't want to die at anyone's hands but Near's, and doesn't want Near to die at anyone' shands but his own. They're sort of fucked up. Basically. In a nutshell. ... Yeah! Since finding out that Near knew L had picked Near before Mello arrived in camp, Mello doesn't blame Near. When they'd hated each other, it'd have been the sort of thing you wouldn't say -- you'd hold it in reserve for the time it'd wound most. And when they didn't... Well, Mello thinks that Near either didn't tell him when Mello asked (on L's death) because either a) Near hadn't felt it worth the truth to hurt Mello like that or b) Near felt the situation had changed enough since L had declared Near successor that Near would prefer the two of them succeed together. Either way, Mello doesn't blame Near for that. There is some tension between them over their different levels of feeling towards L slowly shifting in different directions, and they rarely talk about this directly; it's alraedy exploded into violence once, and is likely to again unless they work for some closure on it.

Raito - Raito is incredibly frustrating to Mello; not because he's a Kira but because he's a Kira and doesn't acknowledge them at all. But then, at this point, although Mello is very very wary of Raito (to an extent; he knows that since he knows Raito's identity as Kira and will have official claim to title of L when/if they get back, he's dead meat if Raito gets another Death Note -- at least, if he gets one and they get out of camp, since he suspects Raito would probably not kill him in camp. At the same time, knowing this, there's no reason to be scared) he's also sarcastic and cutting. On some level, Mello doesn't respect Raito, and he's not even sure why. Possibly BECAUSE he thinks Raito underestimates him (although Mello should know better to assume that, even then. Heh.). He does feel some pity for Raito, as said in Near's section -- Raito lost the person who was his opposite/rival/mirror to someone else's hands, and Mello feels incredible sympathy and pity for that. Possibly because he himself is fucked up and assumes most other people (at least, the ones who 'register'!) are too. ...and not that Raito isn't, but. XD. In recent weeks, he's been sympathizing a small amount with Raito because, on a basic level, they are very very much the same in how they approach each other. But, more than anything, it's made Mello resolve to not be that sort of holier-than-thou withdrawn asshole about his mental and emotional tendancies. He considers Kira loathesome not so much because of that he killed but because he's such a fucking prick about it, basically.

Asok - Hasn't met.

Susan - Not really registering yet because they haven't talked much, but he's vaguely wary of her. She knows too much.

Raistlin - Hasn't met.

Gan Ning - They haven't talked.

Ying - He started out not liking her much because she was kinda a bitch to him every time they talked. Then she started hanging around with Raito and he felt vaguely sorry for her in an irritating, superior way. Then she got a Death Note and he went OH CRAP and decided to get on her good side and become good friends and OH CRAP. ...And then he resolved to stay away from her again, because he found the fact that she'd found out that Raito was a fucking mass murderer and she still went to him and talked to him about these things and she wasn't trustworthy and OH CRAP. And then she lost his memories and he thought, oh, he could interact with her again. But her behaviour towards Kira was something he found distasteful even then and OH CRAP. But L seemed to like her so he tried to make friends, and honestly decided that he wanted to give her a try, even if he found her a flamingly distasteful hypocrite. And then she found out about Kira again -- Mello doesn't know details about this, because nobody's TOLD him, but he saw enough of their fight to have a pretty good guess -- and was throwing a snitfit over it and OH CRAP, and she's still tied to L and Raito and all in all Mello's sort of wishing she'd just shut the fuck up and stop making excuses and is currently in a stage of "What the fuck ever" about her when she decided to mistake him for her worst enemy while fever mad. He'd sort of distantly hope she'd just die and stop being such a wrench in the works, but she DOES die and she STILL stays a wrench in the works. XD Strangely, after he tested her a lot and found her rather eager to please him, he grew closer to her again -- but then she broke up with L and that rather (unusually) disappointed Mello; he'd been looking forward to the challenge, sort of, and having the obstacle removed made it feel a little like cheating, and like she was weak; he's summarily mostly dismissed her in his mind again; she's not interesting to him right now.

Ling Tong - Outside of CFUW, they haven't really talked.

Lu Xun - Doesn't register. Is vaguely disappointed that the first Lu Xun's death didn't give him more data on the Director.

Xiao Qiao - Hasn't met.

Egala - They haven't met.

Excel - Oh god, she's insane, but her enthusiasm, if harnessed, may be useful.

Hyatt - Hasn't met.

Erk - They haven't talked.

River Tam - Hasn't met.

Saki - Haven't talked.

Tohru - Doesn't register beyond a vague 'she once promised to give me chocolate.'.

Hatsuharu - Hasn't met.

Yuki - Doesn't register.

Uotani Arisa - Doesn't register.

Al Elric - Doesn't register. Sort of useful, probably. Pimpcane whut?

Ed Elric - Doesn't really register. Knows Ed's smart. Still happy about Ed's help with the coffin and shovels. Now also grateful for the new bed.

Fletcher Tringham - Doesn't register; can't even remember if they've met.

Russell - Doesn't register.

Winry - Hasn't met.

Sousuke - Mello doesn't like Sousuke. It's not even so much that Sousuke pointed a gun at him -- Mello's really sort of fine with getting guns pointed at him. It's more that Sousuke pointed a gun at him because a clearly delusional, hallucinating sick woman had mistaken Mello for one of her long-time enemies and had told Sousuke to kill Mello. Mello thinks he's a loose cannon and wishes to avoid him for fear of pointing a gun BACK. Out of SPITE.

Haruko - Hasn't met.

Izumi Shion - Mello is INCREDIBLY cautious of him despite almost never talking to him. Why? Well, he knows Nishi's perfectly willing to confront someone he clearly suspects to be his murderer. And yet NIshi is also, obviously, terrified of Izumi and actually warned Mello away from him. Mello's got no desire to spend time around someone like that.

Katou - Doesn't register.

Kurono - Hasn't met.

Nishi - ...Mello never really cared about Nishi much personally before killing him; what he did know was Nishi's effects on people Mello knew and was slowly coming to care about. Is a little more curious/intrigued now that he died and people actually cared. Relieved he's back. Nishi obviously suspects it's Mello and Mello is very curious and angry as to how Nishi could have found this out; at the same time, Mello's almost enjoying bantering with him. Is, on one level, a little pleased by Izumi's arrival just because it takes the heat off, though. They haven't talked recently.

Gilgamesh - Hasn't met.

Athrun - New toy status! Actually ASKED for Mello to be sarcastic at him! It's a non-friendship made in heaven! Honestly, Mello secretly enjoys giving advice, and he hopes to interact with Athrun more. And since then he has, and he thinks Athrun finds Mello horribly frustrating and annoying, and he's amused by that -- but thinks Athrun could still be useful, and sort of likes him, though he wants him to lighten up. They haven't talked recently.

Cagalli - Hasn't met.

Dearka - Likes him. Dearka reads to him as a casual, cheerful flirt, the type who ISN'T a predator, and who's willing to kick a ball around with Mello. Mello doesn't really knooow it, but he's sort of hoping to get a buddy out of their interactions. XD Recently, his interest dropped off like a stone when Dearka spied on Chisame/Chizuru.

Heine - Mello likes Heine, but in a vague, only-registers-because-of-Ishida way. Would like to spend more time with Heine, partly because of Heine himself, partly because of the tea, partly because he considers Heine one of his 'victories' (due to having convinced Rey not to kill him) and partly because it'd get to Ishida. And he thinks Heine is sensible. On some level, he looks up to him.

Kira - He's embarrassed about the initial Kira/Kira mixup. Also, he thinks this Kira is extraordinarily dumb, but is slightly wary of him anyway.

Lacus - Hasn't talked to her much. Doesn't really register.

Lunamaria - They've talked once or twice. He finds her friendly, and expects he'll have a casual friendship going with her whenever they meet.

Meer - Originally, Meer had new toy status. And then she began to show hints of having a brain, though it invariably vanished behind fluff and boobs when he looked more closely. Got to the point where he'd cave and call her Miss 'Clyne', but only if he included the scare quotes. Since she came out as herself, he was really pleased with her, but she reacted badly to his attempts to congratulate her, and they haven't really talked since.

Miguel - Met during the time he and Heine were spatting. Has no opinion on him at all.

Rey - Doesn't register. He thinks Rey's easily manipulated. And would believe Rey could have done in Russel, yeah, though he wouldn't have just assumed it.

Rusty - hasn't met.

Shinn - Doesn't really register, but alternates between liking what he sees and hating what he sees.

Tolle - Hasn't met.

Yzak - Thought his campaign wasn't half bad, considering the others. Doesn't like Yzak's attitude towards Mello getting a friendship with Dearka, but liked arguing him down over it. Feels a mild amount of sympathy for Yzak since the incident with spying on Chisame and Chizuru, but not enough to actually, well, care.

Wufei - Doesn't register.

Heero - Pants whut? Hasn't met.

Quatre - Hasn't met.

Luna - Hasn't met.

Riddle - Finds Riddle creepy and probably capable of being subtle about his magic, unlike most people. Hopes to avoid, after the incident with Starfire.

Koumei - Hasn't met personally, but knows about the reincarnated Kongming thing from Ying. No interest in her.

Miroku - Hasn't met.

Greta - Hasn't met.

Murata - Doesn't register.

Wolfram - Doesn't usually register; has a vague suspicion Wolfram might be laughing at him, and resents that.

Yuuri - Back when Near and Mello didn't get along, Yuuri kept trying to make peace between them in kinda wimpy ways. Remembers that about Yuuri. Remembers absolutely nothing else.

Robert Haydn - Hello, wolf! Mello recognized Haydn almost immediately as a fellow predator, and gets a mild thrill from their conversations because he's not sure how effective a predator Haydn is, or if he just has the mindset. They mostly walk around each other verbally and end on a cheerful note of acknowledgement of each other.

Kudou - He used to be torn about Kudou. On the one hand, he wanted very much to get Kudou to trust him, because he thinks Kudou has abilities that'd be very useful for investigation. On the other hand, he finds Kudou to be a smug, self-righteous bitch who has acted rudely towards Mello almost every time they've talked and he's given up on hoping he can win Kudou over, since, clearly, Kudou dislikes SOMETHING about him, and just spends time poking at him instead. He's since lost interest in that and has pretty much just been ignoring him.

Rikuou - hasn't met. Or if he has, didn't register enough to remember.

Link - Hasn't met.

Tetra - Doesn't register.

Lemina - Hasn't met.

Evangeline - They've talked a few times. He's interested in Evangeline, and a little cautious of her, because he knows to have survived as long as she has, she has to be a DAMN good predator, but it rarely shows in her behaviour -- which implies to him she's eliminated the need to show it off in any way. He's enjoyed his conversations with her, and finds her intelligent and detatched enough to be amusing.

Chisame - Heh. They talked once, and Mello found out that in a lot of ways -- not all -- he and CHisame were very similar. And then, well, he found himself sympathetic towards her, and interested ,and they talked more, and pretty much, Mello considers it strange. She's normally the type who wouldn't register to him, not being a) insane, or b) genius-brilliant, but she has, and strangest of all, he really respects her, to the point he thinks she'd make a good temporary Watari (L's water boy, basically). She's not operating on his and Near's level, but she knows what she's capable of and damn good at it. Her insecurities ... he considers them kinda cute, actually. He knows she's hot for his body and while he doesn't return it, he nevertheless teases her a little sometimes because, well, um, it makes him feel good about himself to be wanted. XD In his own fucked up way, he genuinely does love her -- not so much sexually (okay, not at all sexually, though he totally wouldn't care if she wanted to watch) but he really does think of her almost like a little sister (despite being the same age) to the point of half-heartedly threatening to try to beat up Ban for his suggestion she kiss Ginji. He'll go out of his way to protect her. Also, she's really really fun to talk with. Recently, he's slowly coming to realize that he almsot *needs* the way she makes him feel wanted, and he feels a little badly about that -- but he also knows she almost needs the inclusion in his life, so he figures it's fairly symbiotic. He knows he has the power to break her up with Chizuru if he wanted to, and is trying very hard not to exercise that power for the sake of exercising it. Mello thinks that Chisame will probably leave camp before he does, but couldn't explain why.

Asuna - They've interacted a few times. He finds her amusing, but he thinks that in a very superior, holier-than-thou way. That said, she was fun to play onsen dodgeball with, and he wouldn't mind hanging around her.

Mayura - Met just because Near introduced them. He quickly found an excuse to be elsewhere and not just because of the playercest.

Ocelot - Talked with briefly in Russian while he was delusional. Doesn't really remember.

Tetora - Hasn't met.

The Flea - Hasn't met.

Okuzaki Akira - Hasn't met.

Suzushiro Haruka - Hasn't met.

Takumi - Hasn't met.

Chouji - doesn't register.

Sakura - Doesn't register.

Hinata - Doesn't register.

Neji - Doesn't register.

Shikamaru - Doesn't register.

Lee - Doesn't register.

Itachi - Doesn't register, but probably should.

Sasuke - Doesn't register. One hell of a birthday party.

Naruto - Doesn't register.

Kabuto - Vaguely wary of.

Ino - Hasn't met.

Evil King Stan - NEW TOY STATUS! Easy and fun to manipulate. XD Since has got bored with him, though.

Ari - Mello's feelings about Ari are troubled. On the one hand, he doesn't really think he cares about Ari personally, but Ari being upset bothers Taro. On the other hand, he feels weirdly responsible to Ari and doesn't like seeing him upset. Mello can't seem to figure out why, and that bugs him. He doesn't want Ari to ever find out Mello tried to punish Nishi for him, and especially because he doesn't think he can properly explain that he hadn't meant for it to be a 'real' death that lasted 'more than a few seconds'. For about a month or so, he's rather dismissed Ari from his mind.

Rosalyn - They've met briefly. He finds her a bit amusing about Stan, but otherwise she doesn't really register.

Bertie - He's funny to talk to, because Mello thinks he can fake the slang from Bertie's time period pretty well. XD

Sunako - Hasn't met.

Ash - Doesn't register. Must be the only person in camp this is true for. XD

Brock - Doesn't register.

James - Hasn't met.

Inui - Iffy on. Started out liking him; has lost respect due to his inability to handle the changing environment.

Mizuki - Doesn't register.

Niou - Doesn't register except as an irritant.

Yanagi - Hasn't met.

Ranma - Hasn't met.

Ryouga - Doesn't like. Also doesn't like that RYouga knows so much about him by mere dint of having touched a crystal.

Huo - Hasn't met.

Gertrude - Don't think they've met.

Molly - Doesn't register.

Michiru - Hasn't met.

Haruka - Exchanged a few words with. Doesn't register, but wonders why Near introduced them and was telling her so much.

Ami - Hasn't met.

Goku - Hasn't met.

Haine - Doesn't register.

Heather - Suspects she knows a lot more about what's going on in camp, somehwat dislikes her, otherwise doesn't register. He liked her a bit more when she helped out with Starfire.

Soushi - Was briefly in new toy status. Otherwise, doesn't register.

Wesley - Hasn't met.

Anakin - Was useful, is prone to insanity, Mello is vaguely but not actively interested in.

Momoko - Was fun to go magical girl-ing with. Caused his evil cloneness, which he doesn't blame her for. Feels vaguely sorry about her situation with Boyue. Mostly doesn't register.

Tot - Some vague interest in her skills and hints she's not what she seems. Likes talking with her, or to her through Rabbi. Thinks she's cute.

Omi - Doesn't much register. Thinks Omi isn't what he seems, but hasn't found any use for that yet.

Elphaba - Doesn't register.

Toboe - Thinks something's weird with him -- keeps stumbling over words ("Ho -- sing!"), is clearly hiding something, but doesn't have the personality to hide much. Intends to find out what it is sometime, but doesn't put much emphasis on it. Thinks he's sweet but a little dumb.

Cal - First liked himb ecause Cal flattered him. Then disliked him because of the using-L's-body-to-try-to-get-to-him-thing. Now is sort of amusedly distant from him, but slowly getting closer again now that they've re-established boundaries. He rather likes the banter he gets with Cal, and thinks Cal might likewise.

Azuma Kazuma - Hasn't met.

Kaiba - Thinks he's a bit of an ass, but clearly one who's more perceptive than some of the other campers.

Hiei - Hasn't met.

Kurama - Hasn't met.

Yuusuke - Curious about. At first didn't register, as they were very different types of detectives. But Yuusuke's behaviour when Shinigami L started showing up made Mello interested in him. Wants to get to know Yuusuke a little better to find out how to treat him, basically.


Ishida Ryuuken - Intrigued about his relationship to Ishida, but slightly biased against him from what little he remembers from his fevered conversation with Uryuu; thinks a father is an 'unnecessary thing'.

Urahara Kisuke - Doesn't register.

Granddad - Finds him amusing, in an old man way. Enjoys when Near mocks him; at the same time, he himself is inclined to be polite and at least outwardly respect his elders.

Minagawa - Oh god, I wish I could explain Mello's baby-crush on Minagawa, but I can't. XD From just about the moment they've met, Mello's been stumbling over his tongue when trying to talk to Minagawa and getting an excited thrill from it. I suspect Minagawa reminds him a little of his initial image of L, only with cooking rather than detecting, and better personal grooming. Also, Minagawa clearly loves his cat, which is likely to make Mello more inclined to like him already. But, yeah. XD Beginning of a baby crush that Mello is UTTERLY UNWILLING TO SPEAK ABOUT as of yet.

Dante - Doesn't register.

Lu Meng - Knows Ying fears him, knows Ying KILLED him, is otherwise uninterested in the entire situation.

Il Palazzo - Doesn't register. (It would probably annoy Il Palazzo to know that, though? XD)

Malcolm Reynolds - I don't think they've met? Remind me if they have.

Ayame - Hasn't met.

Armstrong - Hasn't met.

Izumi - Hasn't met.

Havoc - Hasn't met.

Hughes - Is a little confused by Hughes' HUGE PATERNAL LOVE for his daughter; it hits Mello right in his orphan side and makes him a little creeped out by Hughes' 'lack of reason'.

Hawkeye - Had been interested to see how she'd respond to the list of damages he and Near did to each other, but when she didn't, he got bored with her fast.

Mustang - He likes what he's seen of Mustang. The combination of the willingness to stay out of the campers' business, and clearly a sharp mind, and hints of a sense of humour makes Mello willing to talk to Roy and give him non-classified useful information. He agreed with Near's invitation to let Roy stay in the cabin for now.

Gilly - Hasn't met.

Umeda - hasn't met.

Conrad - Hasn't met.

Gwendal - Doesn't register.

Yozak - Doesn't register.

Lupin III - Hasn't really met.

Snake - Doesn't register.

Tsunade - Hasn't met.

Count D - Is very relieved to find a vet in camp, particularly one who clearly loves pets.

Leon - Had a brief conversation with, doesn't really register.

Sanzo - Doesn't register.

Gojyo - Thinks he's a bit of an oversexed idiot, otherwise doesn't register.

Xelloss - Hasn't met, but heard bad things from Chisame.

The Tick - Hasn't met.

Wolfwood - Likes Wolfwood, from the few times they talked. Interesting opinons on gun use, etc.

Schuldig - Hasn't met.

Yuuko - Hasn't met.

Atsuko - Hasn't met.

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