Dial "M" For Murder

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

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I'm M, the nearly-number-one student at the Whammy House.

...I hadn't expected America to be so dirty.

Give me chocolate and all will be well.

Now, we are L.

(This is a roleplay journal for Mello from Death Note, for campfuckudie. Player: harukami. Contact me by commenting on the latest entry in my normal LJ, or by emailing me at harukami at gmail dot com)
actually doing something, angsty beat poetry, bad bad wicked director, beheading the director, being l, blood is sexy ok!, candy bars, catching kira, chocolate, chocolate bars, criminals, detecting, director's head/pike otp, having sex soon pls, licking things, lindt, making no sense, not being female, one or eight what?, overuse of striketags, preoccupation with death, really i want sex, sadism, sex now pls?, wearing too little leather, word association confessions, working with near